Friday, March 28, 2008

the long-awaited update

This month has been crazy. And every time I intend to update the blog, another task to be completed announces itself. Right now, I'm working to make the might could universe a little bit bigger. I've got a web address and a site design in progress, and I just opened up shop at DaWanda, a lovely online craft community. You can check out the shop by following this link.

Because spring and summer are the seasons of craft fairs and farmer's markets, I've kept my hands busy sewing journals. I'm especially enamoured with using handmade paper as covering material and hand embroidery. These new designs represent a product line that's been a long time in the making; there's focus to my production work, and that makes me a very happy book artist.

These are two of my favorites. An ethiopian style link stitch with waves embroidered in lavender linen floss on the cover and mini longstitch notebooks with machine-sewing on handmade paper covers.

Of course I haven't been working solely on journals. I'm also getting ready to print my new book, Lace Stories. It's an accordion-style binding with handmade linsey-woolsey paper and overbeaten flax and cotton endsheets. I'm warming up by printing some eye-popping bright note cards with the lace pattern that will serve as the book's background.

Soon, however, I will be printing the real thing, lace, text, linocuts, and all. And I will also be posting that long-promised paste paper tutorial soon. I just have to find a scanner and a few more spare moments!

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