Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Books

A few new journals that will be gracing the tables at upcoming festivals. Wish them (me) luck!

Pocket-sized notebooks with mightcould handmade paper, wood type and a linocut.

and embroidered/painted/doodled ethiopian style link stitches and secret belgians. I've been churning these out with abandon, so these are only a few of the many I'll have for sale.

I'm also working on some new approaches to designing covers that I'll unveil in the near future. Of course, If you happen to be at the Kentuck Festival or the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair, you'll get to see them in person.


Anonymous said...

look at you busy bee! they're lovely!

Sandrine Deleuze said...

OOOh I so love your journals ! I'm mad about them !!! Did your leanr with the Keith smith book (non adhesive binding book) ???! You impress me ;-)

Katie @ said...

These journals are so beautiful. I feel so impressed that you make them so tenderly yourself.