Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I left my camera with the mules

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Gordo, Alabama to make paper from mule dung. It was fun, it was dung-y, and it was exhausting. So of course amidst the hasty clean-up process, I forgot to put away my camera. Now I'm in Tuscaloosa with lots of newly completed books and quilt squares in progress that are just waiting to be captured on a memory stick, and my trusty camera is 35 miles away.

If I weren't such a busy girl, I would have already gone back to retrieve it. I like Gordo; it's the home of people I love and respect, and the countryside is really beautiful. But the duties of school and home accost me daily, and by the time I have a spare moment, I'm too tired to make the drive just for a camera.

My inability to take pictures has me shamelessly culling pictures from my flickr account to place here. I guess I could write some posts that don't require illustration, but the blogs I like the most are the ones with lots of pretty pictures.

I'm also regretting events I should have blogged about, like my birthday, and the delicious red velvet cupcakes I made myself to celebrate the event. I concocted a cream cheese-white chocolate ganache icing to top them with. They were awesome.

red velvet cupcakes 1

I also made a baked alaska that refused to ignite and wow the throngs of people at the party, so I will never speak of it again. (Or at least until I make a sucessful version). I keep meaning to bake more cupcakes, but that lack of time thing keeps interfering.

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