Sunday, February 17, 2008

knitting + book arts = love

lace line art
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I have a problem with knitting. I can't leave my house without stuffing at least on work in progress into my bag, and I have been know to avoid other, more pressing, responsibilities in order to finish a few more rows of a sweater or master traveling cables.
Even last fall, when I forced myself to declare a moratorium on knitting, I still managed to finish a sweater, a pair of cabled knee socks, and a scarf. I knit and I knit, and I never reached the point where I could knit no more.
I'm no longer interested in denying myself yarn and needles, so the book I'm currently working on requires hours of knitting. I'm beginning with lace, since that is the subject of my book. Since the beginning of this month, I've been making lace swatches, blocking them, and turning them into line art with the help of my friends the scanner and the computer. This is a rough sample of what a finished piece will look like. Of course, when I divine it into a photopolymer plate and letterpress print it, the result will be very different. I promise.

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