Monday, February 18, 2008


I've got a small paper quilt on view at the Brooklyn gallery/boutique, Greenjeans. The show is called "Under-Cover," and features clay beds made by artist Jane Kaufmann, as well as a number of small quilts by various artists. I'm sharing gallery space with some amazing fiber artists, which means the work is amazing.

My contribution to the show is "How to Mend," a book/quilt/collage made entirely of paper I've made over the past year. Some of the fibers represented are raw flax, linen, bananna, cotton, ginger lily, and alabama kozo. The papers are embroidered and letterpress printed. Here's the finished result; it's my first paper quilt, but it was so much fun, I might do a series of related pieces. It's a great way to use smaller offcuts of my precious handmade.

If you're in the Brooklyn area, the show will be up until March 20th. Or you can check it out here.

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